Our Investment Process

The Bain Strategy is a Unique, Disciplined, and Objective Approach to Managing Money

The Bain investment process has evolved over the last 29 years. The process utilizes elements of fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis to uncover and take advantage of opportunity. We believe that style diversification is the key element when constructing a portfolio. Every portfolio should contain an element of both growth and value. This diversification of investment style helps to reduce long term portfolio volatility and enhance performance. 

We think like business owners; we aim to invest in well thought out, high-quality businesses that we can hold for many years. The foundational core of each portfolio is made up of these well researched, blue chip companies. These core holdings are complemented with investments in higher growth companies that we believe are well positioned to take advantage of current market trends. When a company is experiencing growth in their business this growth tends to continue for long periods of time. Participating in these trends is the key to solid investment performance.

This growth strategy is based on a model that was developed by Adam in the late 90’s. In 1998 a case was written at the Ivey School of Business about the strategy and how Adam applied it to his business. It is still part of the school’s curriculum today.

When matched with your objectives, the Bain Strategy creates a solid foundation for investment success.

Fixed Income Expertise...

Our team has a fixed income specialist who actively selects and closely monitors our bond, and preferred share holdings. In this incredibly challenging interest rate environment, active management of the fixed income component of a portfolio is vitally important. 

Over time, The Bain Approach will achieve superior after-tax returns while minimizing risk for our clients.

Whether you are an investor looking for long-term growth or someone looking for secure retirement income, we can help.

Discipline is the key. The results speak for themselves.