Welcome to the Bain Wealth Group

Adam Bain started in the investment business 30 years ago with the idea that sound investment analysis combined with a solid financial planning will create and sustain long term wealth. The Bain Wealth Group team was built to accomplish this. Each member of the Bain Team is a highly skilled specialist in his or her area of expertise. Our experienced team is uniquely structured to provide superior investment advice and service. Having team members that specialize in different areas of our investment process allows us to make high-conviction investment decisions and take full advantage of the opportunities the markets bring.

Every individual investor has their own unique financial goals and objectives. That is why we tailor each portfolio to match those unique needs.

Having a deep understanding of the markets is crucial. Understanding how different asset classes and investment styles complement each other is critical in portfolio construction. By combining investments with distinct strengths suited to your financial situation, we can reduce risk while enhancing returns. Combining this investment process with a dynamic financial plan will ensure that your long term goals are met.

Investment Style Diversification + Sound Financial Planning = Wealth Creation

We never rest on our laurels. We are always striving to be better at what we do. Our team comes in everyday trying to do things better for our clients.

Adam Bain

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager


Trina Emery, CFP®, FMA

Associate Wealth Advisor


Isaac Legault

Marketing Associate


Dennis Hinschberger

Portfolio Manager


Maddy Blake

Administrative Assistant