How we cultivate your wealth

A group of creative thinkers operating within a time-honoured establishment, we at The Harbour Group have built our reputation on the strengths of a steady approach through decades of varying markets.

We lead with research

We are keen students of the markets. We read constantly, widely, and extensively, internalizing the latest ideas from RBC and other prominent thought leaders, including paid research from the likes of Bloomberg and Veritas.

We test our thinking

Our collective wisdom is our greatest strength. Having four well-established lead advisors and a dedicated in-house market strategist means we are able to test and build upon our investment ideas internally, bringing the best ones to the surface.

We focus on the long term

More than a century of collective experience tells us you cannot win the short game. For decades, we have followed a consistent disciplined investing approach that focuses on the long term, which has historically bred superior outcomes for our clients.

We seek out opportunities

It’s been said that complacency is the foe of progress. Driven by a spirit of healthy competition, we strive to continually outdo ourselves and do more for our clients, a focus that constantly leads us to potential opportunities for your portfolio.

We factor for risk

Risk avoidance is forever at the top of our minds. We take a disciplined and thoughtful institutional-style approach to investing, which factors in extensive due diligence well beyond the average so we can safeguard your wealth.

We tailor to the individual

Individuals deserve individualized investing. With suitability always front and centre, we build a bespoke portfolio for you, customizing to your unique situation, including your goals, time horizon, risk profile, and more.

We communicate transparently

Your peace of mind is our top priority, so we make every effort to ensure you always know what’s in your portfolio and why, including regular reviews, thorough reporting, and frequent market commentary – and, of course, your advisor is always a call away.

How Harbour makes great better

At The Harbour Group, we have professionals devoted to key specialties. Robin Gullason concentrates on strategy and our traders focus exclusively on trading, so we can capitalize on every opportunity for you.

Meet our in-house market strategist

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