Your interests come first

Take comfort in knowing that we place your interests before our own. All investments are based on your best interests and we do not receive trailers or fees from third parties.

You know what you pay for

You pay a fee based on the value of your investments which is disclosed on your statement. This ensures our interests are aligned and you are kept informed of your investment performance over both the short and long term.

You have a blueprint for the future

You want to grow your wealth and we want to help you. Work towards your goals with a sophisticated roadmap that considers your personal investment, taxes, estate, legacy and insurance needs.

You’re in good hands

You entrust us with a tremendous responsibility – one we take very seriously. Our institutional approach to investing, robust portfolio management framework and formal oversight ensure that your portfolio is managed to high standards of ethics and professionalism.

We structure portfolios to maximize returns consistent with your personal risk tolerance and minimize risk through proper diversification, quality of investments and dividends.

You deserve 100% attention

You want freedom to focus on what’s really important to you and the confidence of knowing that your Investment Counsellor is always available to help and keep you informed.

Contact us to learn how our knowledgeable team of professionals, backed by the resources of RBC Wealth Management, can help you grow more than wealth.

Lesli Logush

Lesli Logush, CFA

Senior Investment Counsellor