Grow your knowledge, develop your skills

In giving back to communities, we are committed to investing in the talent and growth of the next generation of investment leaders. Our team is pleased to help self-motivated, career-driven university students learn the ins and outs of investment management through our summer internship program. For approximately two months, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your knowledge and develop your skills alongside one of the top wealth management teams in the country.

Why intern with us

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Build your investment management expertise

We focus on equipping you with the tools you need to understand and implement advanced investment management techniques, providing you real-world opportunities and in-depth training in a truly supportive and collaborative work environment.

Improve your quantitative skills

We help break down the complexities of investment management and provide strategies to simplify it, challenging you to improve your quantitative skills and develop frameworks to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

Discover useful research techniques

We push you to think outside of the box, to never cut corners in your process, and to be detail oriented in everything you do, encouraging you to explore the nuts and bolts of businesses and uncover what gives them unique advantages over others.

Get 1:1 career advice from experienced professionals

We leverage decades of industry experience to provide meaningful mentorship through regular check-ins, creating a space for open dialogue and helping you develop a plan to achieve your short- and long-term educational and career goals.

Intern experiences

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Interning with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice has been a transformative and memorable experience. Throughout the internship, Grace and Sam went above-and-beyond to support my learning and development of complex portfolio management competencies. I could not have asked for more dedicated mentors who ensured that my growth was front-of-mind through mentorship meetings, teachings of concepts, in-depth feedback on my projects, and more.

What sets this experience apart is that Grace and Sam treat interns like family. As someone who traveled from Toronto for this internship opportunity, I am grateful that Grace and Sam welcomed me with open arms and always made me feel at home and supported within the team. Whether it be learning about Grace and Sam’s journeys in finance at the end of a workday or celebrating a team member’s birthday over lunch, I felt truly immersed in the practice’s tight-knit environment.

I highly recommend this opportunity, regardless of whether you are interested in pursuing portfolio management or one of the many other subsects of finance. I am confident that the skills that I have derived will enable me to prosper regardless of the path I create in the future.

Justin Schwartz
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2026

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Completing an internship at the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice is truly a rewarding experience.

From day one, Grace and Sam went above and beyond to create a supportive learning environment. Throughout the internship, I was encouraged to think outside the box, ask questions, and participate in meaningful discussions about fundamental investment criteria, top-down economic analysis, and portfolio-level decisions. As mentors, Grace and Sam shared their high level of expertise in investing and portfolio management to ensure I was up to speed with the investment process.

Grace and Sam also provided meaningful projects to help foster my understanding of attractive business models and financial markets. These projects helped sharpen my quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, valuable tools I can deploy in my future career.

I would highly recommend any student interested in building their investing and portfolio management skillset to seek an internship at the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice. You will be mesmerized by how much you can take away from the internship as Grace and Sam truly put their best foot forward to create a positive and constructive experience.

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I wanted to thank Sam and Grace for giving me the opportunity to work with them this summer and giving me the tools - adaptability, sociability, work ethic - to be successful in endeavors such as my time abroad. I have grown more confident and ambitious as a result, and any chance to throw myself into a new environment I will take on gladly. Your daily pep talks and career advice has stuck with me and has given me the motivation to push myself towards things I would usually find uncomfortable. You are not only incredibly intelligent and talented at what you do, but you care about teaching others and helping them on their own journeys - you truly are gems!

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Being an intern of the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice provides an extraordinary learning experience in Private Wealth Management.

Grace and Sam went above and beyond to create one of the best internship experiences in Vancouver that was influential in my learning and career journey. After spending the summer with Grace and Sam, I am still astonished by the breadth of knowledge they both have in identifying highly attractive business models that are overlooked by other institutional investors. The opportunity to receive direct mentorship from both individuals will help you gain a superior understanding of portfolio management as they ensure you are working on projects that will help you cultivate strong analytical skills and change how you value an investment. Despite being an intern, the work that you complete covers all stages of the investment process, and Grace and Sam ensure that you are adding value to the team.

I would highly recommend joining the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice to any student interested in pursuing a career in Capital Markets. Being a member of this strong team and working closely with Grace and Sam will help you cultivate a skill set that will be sought after throughout your career!

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Working with Grace Wang's Portfolio Management team as a summer student was a wonderful learning experience both personally and professionally.

Grace and Sam exceeded my expectations of a first summer internship, as they continually challenged my thought process and decision-making skills. Their experience and depth of knowledge were greatly helpful in the learning process - throughout my time with the team, I was encouraged to voice my opinions which Grace and Sam provided mentorship and guidance for. In addition, the framework they used in mentorship allowed me to quickly learn about their investment strategies, technical skills, and thought processes.

In addition to broadening my financial skills, Grace and Sam's constant encouragement of increasing depth and breadth when looking into companies as well as financial statements and qualitative data allowed for the constant growth of mindset when I tackled each new project.

Reflecting on my time with Grace and the team, I am confident to say that they had my best interest in mind, supporting not only my professional growth but also my personal development.

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Being a summer student with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice was a terrific learning experience. While the internship provides a comprehensive experience in investment management, there are a few elements that differentiate this experience with any other internship:

  1. There is a strong emphasis on developing frameworks and criteria to evaluate companies and make investment decisions. The importance of having a strong framework and criteria is evident throughout the internship and plays a crucial role in deciphering good investment ideas from great investment ideas. Grace and Sam are always willing to help hone your frameworks and criteria – elements that I can further refine and use for the rest of my career.
  2. Every task is undertaken with a decision maker’s mindset. As such, evaluating opportunities with a critical mindset and a deep understanding of the risks, relative to the potential reward, is instrumental. Utilizing this mindset allows Grace and Sam to trust the insights and integrate them into capital allocation decisions as they know you have made a recommendation as if it was your own portfolio.
  3. Grace and Sam provide an unparalleled level of breadth and depth in their expertise on the portfolio companies and the market as a whole. Their insights and feedback always helped to improve my understanding of investment decisions and altered my perspectives on numerous issues with intriguing market commentary.

I would certainly recommend that any student interested in a capital markets career take the opportunity to work with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice – it is an experience that has changed the way in which I think about making investment decisions and has provided me with so many lessons that I will carry throughout my career.

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An internship with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice is, by far, among the most incredible opportunities for a summer student in the Lower Mainland.

Firstly, Grace and Sam are especially hard-working and talented investment managers. Among everything else, the team has a lot of combined experience in investment management - and they do everything they can to get you to their level of understanding. Despite your level of sophistication, Grace and Sam actively encourage your participation in discussions and then provide you with the mentorship to build your knowledge and become a more informed investor. I really benefited from this learning framework, and I was able to leave with a good understanding of what makes for a strong investment, valuable lessons I continue to utilize for myself.

On top of gaining a better understanding about finance, one of the greatest things about an internship with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice is getting the opportunity to work on a new set of challenges every day and broadening your horizons. Whether it be building portfolio management tools or meeting with clients, every day offers you a chance to build upon your skills while learning new ones. The team pushes you to become not just more well-read about markets, but also a much more well-rounded professional capable of building relationships and making tough decisions.

I recommend any student with an interest in Finance to intern with the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice! The lessons that you’ll learn about investing, dealing with stakeholders, and making better personal choices are valuable tools that will follow you throughout your life.