Tried, true, and tailored

At Cooper Wealth Management we take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your risk tolerance. With that information we custom build a solution to meet individual investment objectives and financial goals for you, your family, and your business.

Investment management

Our disciplined investment management approach focuses on cash flow, diversification, and risk minimization. We use our collective investment experience of over 100 years to tailor an investment solution to suit your unique needs and preferences. One unique feature of our investment management process is our covered call options program. The call program helps to provide enhanced cash flow, active investment management, and sale price discipline.

An investment advisor serving her clients at the office.

Enhanced cash flow

The cash generated from the option contract premium is immediately credited to your account.

Active investment management

We believe in a hands-on approach, where you as the client have direct access to discuss your preferences and investment objectives with the portfolio manager directly.

Sale price discipline

Each option contract has set target price which allows us to continually review and rebalance the portfolio to take advantage of market opportunities when they present themselves.

Wealth management

Through our in-depth discovery process, we uncover what’s important to you and ensure all aspects of your financial life are safe, secure, and prospering, connecting you to members of our own experienced team – and our world-class RBC partners – every step of the way.

Two investment advisors collaborating at a desk with their notebooks and laptops.

Financial planning

We’ll help you lay the foundation for your future success by uncovering your short- and long-term goals and by designing a tailored financial plan to help you achieve them.

Wills & estate planning

We’ll empower you to leave a legacy you’re proud of by ensuring you retain more of your assets, protect your estate, and ensure the efficient and effective transfer of wealth to future generations.

Business owner planning

We’ll support you at any stage in the life cycle of your business, from managing your business assets and considering tax efficiencies to mitigating risk and preparing for business succession.

Build your wealth. Achieve your goals. Leave a legacy.

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