Assisting Canadian Clients Who Work in the United States/Own U.S. Real Estate

We have extensive experience assisting Canadians who work in the United States, as well as Canadians who own U.S. Real Estate, simplify their cross border finances and understand some of the complexities of their obligations.

Typical questions our clients have include:

  • I contribute to a 401(k) so how much should I be contributing to RRSPs to help reduce my Canadian tax obligations?
  • How does my 401(k) fit within my overall financial plan and is the way it's being managed make sense for my overall portfolio?
  • How do I qualify for U.S. Social Security? How does that affect my Canadian pensions?
  • How will I be taxed on my pension income?
  • Should I transfer my 401(k) to Canada when I stop working in the U.S.? What does that look like?
  • Are my 401(k) contributions deductible in Canada?
  • If I want to move to the U.S., what happens to all my Canadian investment accounts?
  • What are my options for financing a purchase of U.S. real estate?
  • What happens when I sell my U.S. real estate? Is it taxable?
  • Do I need a special will to cover my U.S. real estate?
  • Am I subject to U.S. estate tax?

If you've been asking yourself the same questions as many of our clients have, reach out to us and I'd be glad to help.