Custom-designed portfolios

The basis of successful long-term wealth management is predicated on creating a customized investment portfolio that reflects your individual investment objectives, risk tolerance, circumstances, goals and needs, throughout the various stages of your life. 

Your RBC DS Investment Advisor has access to leading-edge investment strategy and research provided by the RBC Investment Strategy Committee, RBC Capital Markets and third-party, independent firms. This process means you will receive specific, appropriate investment recommendations.

IAs can utilize all types of strategies and securities when constructing your portfolio:

  • Investments for growth, using Canadian, U.S. and international stocks, Mutual Funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Investments for income, including government and corporate bonds, coupons, structured notes, GICs, and ETFs.
  • Investments for wealth preservation, including cash, High Interest Savings Accounts, and other guaranteed investments.

Investments can be held in a RRSP, RRIF, RESP, individual, joint, TFSA, corporate, IPP, not-for-profit, charitable foundation, margin accounts, etc.

Private Investment Management (PIM)

By delegating your investment management to an Investment Advisor who is an accredited Portfolio Manager, you can free yourself from the burden of daily portfolio decisions by not having to approve every single transaction. Your Portfolio Manager will first work with you to discern your objectives, risk tolerance, return expectations, income needs, constraints, and unique preferences. These will be documented in a mutually agreed upon Investment Policy Statement, which establishes parameters for managing your portfolio. Your Portfolio Manager can then make time-sensitive decisions quickly, helping you get closer to your goals and keeping you confident that your investment plan is on track.

Guided Portfolios

The Global Portfolio Advisory Group at RBC Wealth Management is responsible for providing objective opinions and independent portfolio advice to our Investment Advisors to help them enhance the effectiveness of their investment process for clients.  The group is responsible for the creation and ongoing daily support of various model portfolios known as the "Guided Portfolios". These diversified portfolios are structured with exposure to sectors likely to outperform; holding companies that have passed a multi-disciplinary screening process. This disciplined process allows IAs to easily follow and implement these recommendations for their clients, whether they are using it as guidance for sector weightings, for selecting specific stocks, or they prefer one of the packaged solutions that take advantage of the process.