The Right Decisions Today for Peace of Mind About Tomorrow

At RBC Wealth Management, we specialize in financial planning and investment management strategies. Our approach is to listen carefully to your needs, establish your financial goals and build a long-term plan to deliver these goals with a sustainable growth strategy. 
Make no mistake -- the safety of your money is the centerpiece in every plan and my team has built a reputation for winning the trust of their clients by investing their money wisely, proactively reviewing portfolios and keeping the lines of communication open at all times. 
RBC Wealth Management is Canada's leading investment firm and one of the top ten Wealth managers in the world. Our clients have access to high quality professional advice from our Investment Advisors, financial planners, will & estate specialists, as well as many other resources of RBC, Canada's largest financial institution.

As Branch Manager at RBC Dominion Securities, I would be pleased to introduce you to an Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager most suited to your needs. Please feel free to contact me today.
Graham Culp

Branch Manager 

Your Financial Goals

Getting the right investment advice is a key part in managing wealth, but it is just one part of a much bigger picture. Together, we will create a complete and coordinated wealth management strategy that will address financial goals at each stage of life:

  • Accumulating Wealth – Growing assets for future goals 
  • Protecting Wealth – Maintaining assets to protect financial well-being
  • Converting Wealth – Creating an income stream to live comfortable retirement lifestyle
  • Transferring Wealth – Creating a lasting legacy for the next generation