Serving investors since 1901, RBC Dominion Securities has grown through strategic mergers and acquisitions to become Canada's largest full-service investment and wealth management firm.

As a distinct and unique business within RBC, we benefit from our association with Canada's largest and most trusted financial institution, while maintaining an independent focus that results in active decision-making and efficient delivery of our wealth management services.

Whether you are investing for yourself, your family, your business or your organization, one of our Investment Advisors or Portfolio Managers in the Brookfield 23 office can provide you with personalized investment solutions to achieve your specific goals.

You will have access to the full spectrum of investments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and options.  Helping your personal advisor provide you with comprehensive wealth management is an extensive team of professionals, including financial planners, estate planners, insurance consultants, portfolio strategists and research analysts.

Grow more than wealth

With a collaborative, values-based approach and a track record of responsibly building wealth with integrity, you can expect RBC Wealth Management to help you realize your life vision.


Insights into giving and inheriting wealth across generations

Within a generation, over $400 billion is expected to be passed down to inheritors in Canada. How are Canadian families preparing for one of the largest transfers of wealth in history? And will inheritors be ready?


“It’s up to the givers of wealth to proactively prepare the next generation to manage that wealth.”


Wealth Transfer Report

Wealth Transfer Report

It's estimated that within a generation, US$4 trillion will be passed down to inheritors in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Yet wealth rarely endures long enough to create a legacy that lasts for multiple generations.

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We would be pleased to introduce you to an Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager whose investment and wealth management philosophy matches your own. 

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