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Take Control of Your Personal Financial Success

As an elite team, we are looking for elite players to join us. So if you are currently an investment advisor, a professional — such as an accountant or lawyer — or in the banking or mutual fund industry and are looking for the opportunity to take control of your personal financial success, we are interested in hearing from you.

If you are an existing Investment Advisor, our transition team can facilitate the move from your current professional situation to us rapidly, seamlessly and discreetly. From paperwork and documentation to the provision of practice management consulting and advisory services — we can help take your business to the next level.

Additions to our team & what they say about us

  • Tom Zaks - Investors Group
  • Drew Pallett – CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Phil Sanders – CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Richard Infantino – CIBC Wood Gundy
  • David Barnsdale – CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Yvonne Chan – CIBC Imperial Services
  • Mike Linardic – CIBC Imperial Services
  • Patricia Kovalick - CIBC Imperial Services
  • Mahvesh Sheikh - CIBC
  • Varun Hasija - CIBC
  • Sachin Jain - CIBC
  • Andrew Mustard – ScotiaMcLeod
  • Dean Morrison – ScotiaMcLeod
  • Jonathan Tyner - ScotiaMcLeod
  • Jim Greensheilds - ScotiaMcLeod
  • Malkiat Judge - TD
  • Adam Carney - TD
  • Aman Bhatti- TD
  • Rudy Djangirov- Edward Jones

It was very clear to me after doing my due diligence that RBC Dominion Securities had by far the greatest resources to properly serve my clients. However, like most Investment Advisors I had concerns about the whole process of transferring my business. I was amazed at how efficient RBC Dominion Securities was in this regard. They have a Transition Team that is solely focused on assisting you to bring your practice over and the support received at the branch level was phenomenal. As a result I can assure anyone that the administration hurdle is far less than I was anticipating and I was able to spend my time meeting with my clients.
Andrew Mustard, formerly ScotiaMcLeod

It was very refreshing to come to a firm where the Manager is not also a producer. The Investment Advisors are treated like they are the Manager’s clients. The Manager is never in competition with the Investment Advisors and there is never a conflict of interest. You can see in the day-to-day support that the Manager’s primary focus is to create the environment where the Investment Advisor can succeed.

David Barnsdale, formerly CIBC Wood Gundy

At RBC Dominion Securities I am able to offer my clients an impressive wealth management experience because I have access to so many experts and support services. There is a Financial Planning Specialist, a Will and Estate Consultant, an Insurance Specialist and an Ultra High Net Worth Consultant right in the Mississauga branch. The tools and resources available to me are far superior to what I ever had and my clients are the real beneficiaries.

Drew Pallett, formerly CIBC Wood Gundy

My experience with our RBC partners has been second to none. I am able to offer so many value added services through our partners in Private Banking, Retail Banking and Commercial Banking. Their professionalism, expertise and exceptional service have been a real benefit to many of my clients. We truly have an amazing partnership and are continually looking for opportunities to refer our clients to one another. 

Yvonne Chan, formerly CIBC Imperial Service