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Elyse’s path

As an aerospace engineer, Elyse found great success in her field, but also, knew she needed a change. Now, Elyse engineers strategic portfolios for her clients while enjoying her career as an investment advisor.


Yvonne’s Path

As a young immigrant to Canada, Yvonne learned that saving and smart investing would give her freedom. As an investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, she shares these same values with her clients and their families.


Violet’s path

Intrigued by the prospect of wealth management, Vi sought out a branch manager who helped her to understand the importance of having more women in investment advisor roles. Now, she provides guidance to her clients on everything from investing to entrepreneurship.


Kathi’s path

Fostering prosperous relationships with her clients fuels Kathi’s fire to succeed as an investment advisor. After working in banking at Royal Trust and other financial institutions, Kathi joined RBC Dominion Securities and found her fit.


Michèle’s path

As a research associate, Michèle was already on her way to becoming an investment advisor. After partnering with her uncle, Michèle has successfully built a business that helps her clients plan their financial future, while honouring her uncle’s legacy.


Michelle’s Path

From babysitting, to waitressing, to academics, Michelle excelled in a wide variety of careers. Her determination and drive has helped her weather personal and economic storms, while building a successful career with RBC.


Discover our programs designed to support your success

Diversity and inclusion are core values at RBC, and the advancement of women into senior roles is a key priority. We believe having the best talent on our side requires tapping into the complete talent pool. Our focus on advancing women promotes innovation and growth: this is our competitive advantage. Here are some of the ways we support our female investment advisors:

IA Leave Program

Our investment advisors have the flexibility to take a break from their career, typically for parental leave, knowing their clients are well taken care. Advisors can still remain fully involved, but can rely on support from their peers.

IA Mentorship Program

Open to all investment advisors, wealth advisors and portfolio managers across Canada, this program offers an opportunity to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship with a like-minded colleague to help achieve career and personal goals.

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You have worked hard to build a successful career, but you may be asking, “What’s next?” We invite you to explore our investment advisor opportunities and take your next step at RBC Dominion Securities.

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Empowering women to succeed

RBC is working hard to support women in their career. Here are some ways we’re helping female professionals flourish:

Rotman Return to Work Program

In partnership with The Rotman School of Management at The University of Toronto

We understand how challenging it can be to get back to work after having children or taking a career break. As lead sponsor of the Rotman Return to Work Program, we provide professional women with leadership development opportunities, new ways of thinking and vital connections to help them advance and succeed in their careers.
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Ryerson Opt-In Program

In partnership with Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University

Entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, inclusivity and innovation are the future skills that will enhance your journey. In this program, women will learn the importance of executive presence, personal branding, ethical leadership, inclusion and diversity, and the skills to pitch a unique business.

Women’s Advisory Board

RBC’s Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) is a forum for female advisors across Wealth Management Canada that is committed to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and empowering members to achieve their professional goals. The bi-annual Women’s Symposium, organized by WAB, is a networking opportunity and forum for sharing ideas and best practices to help teams take their businesses to the next level.

Women @ Wealth

Women @ Wealth is a national RBC Wealth Management committee dedicated to facilitating career development, promoting gender and diversity inclusion, and educating women on the opportunities available within the financial services industry.

Diversity matters

RBC is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.
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